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Narra la Independencia: Documentary Sources

Our contribition to the project "Narrate the Independence of Peru from your town, your district or your city"


Narra la Independencia del Perú desde tu pueblo, tu distrito o tu ciudad (Narrate the Independence of Peru from your town, your district or your city) is a participatory public history project, started in 2013, that aims to produce a plural, inclusive, and decentralized dialogue on the historiography of Peruvian independence, encouraging critical debate on the official established narrative and its silences.

Neogranadina’s contribution to this project was the creation of digital tools to make historical sources available and accessible to all. You can see the results here.


  • Neogranadina led a collaborative cataloging project with more than 30 volunteers and students to make the Colección documental del sesquicentenario de la independencia del Perú available in a searchable, digital edition. This is an extensive collection of transcriptions of historical documents dating between the 18th and 20th centuries, including legislation, official reports, newspapers, manifestos, correspondence, memoirs, stories, and literary works. The Colección has long been an indispensable source for historians of the central Andes.
  • Neogranadina integrated the 14,374 documents that make up the Colección into the ABC, its newest platform for the publication and management of digitised historical materials. It allows users to carry out complex seraches, apply filters by dates, authorities, and places, track individuals across documentation in this and other collections stored in the ABC, create collections, save documents, and share the results of their research.
  • The Narra la Independencia team has organized numerous lectures, workshops, and open discussions on historical methods based on the documents available in the ABC and our digital infrastructure.
  • In 2024, the Narra project launched its third essay competition to promote local and regional work on Peruvian independence.


Neogranadina was the technical partner for the project, in charge of developing digital tools and directing more than 30 volunteers and students who participated in the cataloguing of the documents.

The Biblioteca Nacional del Perú digitized the entire Colección.

Narra team

The Narra team was made up of academics and researchers in Peru, France and the United States. Neogranadina mainly worked with:

  • Cecilia Méndez Gastelumendi
  • Juan Carlos Estenssoro Fuchs
  • Carla Granados Moya
  • José Miguel Munive
  • Carlota Casalino
  • Juan Marcos Martínez

Students, interns, and volunteers

The students, interns, and volunteers who worked on this project were based in Peru, Colombia, the United States, and France. Most of them were students from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in Lima:

  • Amanda Ortiz Molina
  • Bryam Alex Gamboa Palomino
  • Bryan Arturo Romero Garay
  • Cristian Miguel Olivos Vidal
  • David Almeida
  • Diana Fiorela Balboa Vásquez
  • Diego Francisco Felipe Chávez
  • Erika Espinoza Rubina
  • Giancarlos Sánchez Alvites
  • Giovanni Alexander Rodas Medina
  • Gonzalo Fernando Chucos Ambrosio
  • Houber José Maldonado Carrasco
  • Jaime de la Barrera
  • Joel Anthony Chacón Ccanccahua
  • John Fredy Trujillo Medina
  • Juan Camilo Cuervo Ríos
  • Julio César Solórzano
  • Julio David Marroquín Galloso
  • Julio Marroquín Galloso
  • Lee Leal-Ramírez
  • Leslie Selene Ugarte Solier
  • Lourdes Fiorella Silva Flores
  • Luis Carlos Gonzales Quispe
  • María Monserrat Rivera Cachique
  • Mariana Olazábal Verónica Fernández
  • Moisés Alfonso Malpartida Alviar
  • Roberto Carlos Barbaran Delgado
  • Rommen Manuel Elian Bermúdez
  • Ronaldiño Toro Fustamante
  • Ruth Carolina Pachón Morales
  • Sandy Canchari Arias
  • Valquiria Kimberly Montes Cuchachi
  • Victor Lachaud
  • Víctor Manuel Pala Arroyo

Funding and support

  • Universidad de California, Santa Bárbara
  • Instituto Francés de Estudios Andinos
  • Instituto de Estudios Peruanos
  • Universidad de Paris III Sorbonne-Nouvelle
  • Universidad Nacional San Cristóbal de Huamanga
  • Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
  • Portal Lamula.pe