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We design and build custom scanners to digitize historical collections, create tools and platforms to make them accessible, and develop digital history projects.

Archivo Histórico de Rionegro

Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia


The Archivo Histórico de Rionegro (AHR), in Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia, holds materials dating from 1649 to 1967. In 2022, Neogranadina and the AHR partnered to digitise and publish the AHR’s entire collection of manuscripts and newsprint. The over 890,000 folios of materials held by the AHR include letters of manumission, wills and succession cases, sales, civil and criminal trials, population records, visitations, royal decrees and provisions, newspapers, among many other materials. This digital collection will be of great relevance to those interested in the history of northwestern Colombia, especially that pertaining to topics such as slavery and manumission, the relocation of towns, settlement, land disputes, the creation of schools, trade and smuggling networks, and civil and religious celebrations.

We also intend to develop joint pedagogical and public history projects based on the materials digitized.


  • Neogranadina installed a digitization station at the AHR from 2022 to digitize the entire archive. We designed a lighter scanner tailored to the characteristics of the AHR;s documents, and upgraded our custom digitization software.
  • The AHR team has so far digitized 100% of the AHR’s collection of notarial records and is in the process of digitizing the Concejo, Judicial, Gobierno fonds. We have prioritized the documentation dating before 1870 so far.
  • The entire AHR catalogs can now be consulted on the ABC platform.
  • Neogranadina is in the process of incorporating digitized materials into the ABC.
  • Together we identified a sample of materials concerning enslaved persons among AHR materials and prepared a virtual exhibition of these materials.
  • We are in the process of creating a full collection of documents and metadata pertaining to enslaved persons in AHR materials as part of our Routes of Enslavement project.


The alliance between Neogranadina and the AHR has relied on the help of the team at the AHR and Museo Casa de la Convención de Rionegro, especially:

  • Luis Felipe Vélez Pérez
  • Sebastián Pérez Calle

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