Fundación Histórica NeogranadinaFundación Histórica Neogranadina

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Who we are

Fundación Histórica Neogranadina is a non-profit foundation registered and constituted in the Republic of Colombia. Its main objective is to employ new technologies to protect, rescue, and promote Colombia’s historical manuscripts and early printed books, but it is also concerned with helping other academic institutions and researchers in Colombia to explore the possibilities of these technologies.

What we do

Neogranadina is currently focusing on the digitisation of historical manuscripts and early printed books held in private archives and non-state institutions across Colombia, and on implementing Internet platforms to put this material at the disposal of investigators, students, teachers, and the interested public all over the world.

How we do it

We have three key tools to achieve our objectives. Firstly, we have developed advanced scanners specifically to digitise historical documents in a highly economical and efficient manner. Secondly, as a result of an important international agreement, we have the use of what is perhaps the most advanced platform for managing, consulting, and visualising digitised documents to have been developed to date. Finally, because both technologies are designed to facilitate collaboration, teamwork, and the participation of a broad public of researchers, teachers, students, and the interested public, we have a priceless community of volunteers to will help us make the best use of both resources.

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